Whom We Serve

We serve people who are in all life stages and from different walks of life. Our clients are married, single, widowed, and divorced. Many have children. Some are providing care for grandchildren or aging family members. Some are business owners. Many are retirees.

Whatever your situation, we will work to deliver financial solutions tailored to your needs. Our mission is to simplify the financial side of your life.


As an accumulation-focused individual, you may have an eye toward a specific financial goal, such as buying a home, paying for your child’s education, accumulating enough assets to retire, or leaving a legacy. Whatever it is you envision, we offer investment strategies aimed at helping grow your assets.


Retirement planning is about more than reaching a substantial sum of money – it’s about determining how to distribute that sum so it lasts a lifetime. We can help put together a tax-efficient distribution plan to generate retirement income without exhausting your resources. Assisting with the examination of your Social Security benefits is also part of our process.


We are trusted advisors to many in the region’s medical community and understand the persistent demands of the medical profession. We are able to offer strategies designed to help you profitably manage the business side of your practice, grow your assets for retirement, and minimize any income and estate tax burdens you might face as a medical professional.


You have your hands full ensuring your employees’ needs are met and that your company thrives for years to come. By structuring benefits programs that will assist you in rewarding and retaining your employees, we can help your business thrive. We also assist with business succession planning when necessary.


Women face unique financial obstacles during their lifetime that require special consideration in the planning process. From a longer average life expectancy to the gender pay gap, and the responsibilities of caring for family or loved ones, we understand the specific needs of women. Whether you’re an independent woman, recently divorced, or widowed, a sound financial plan tailored to your needs and goals will give you confidence in the future.

Corporate executives

Work demands may not leave you much time or energy to consider your personal goals. Your finances don’t have to consume what time is left. As a successful executive, you face distinct financial management challenges. We can help implement planning strategies designed to maximize your benefits, so you have more time to focus on other priorities – whatever they may be.


Trustees must address many challenges: navigating volatile investment markets, balancing current financial needs while protecting assets for future generations, and dealing with budgetary constraints. Our portfolios are tailored to meet an endowment’s specific objectives. We can help your institution achieve its mission by helping ensure funds are managed to finance the present as well as meet future needs.
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